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I love Rust, Linux and low-level programming. My Hobby is making original x86 bootloader and OS.
I work for one of cloud vendors and teach part-time at a university. For details, See LinkedIn.

Available programming languages: Rust/C/Assembly(x86, risc-v, arm)/ShellScript/TypeScript.

dom1: Works

octox: xv6-riscv like OS written in Rust
octox is a re-implementation of xv6.
octox loosely follows the structure and style of xv6, but is implemented in pure Rust. related article: Implementing Spinlock for RISC-V OS in Rust

KRaBs: Kernel Reader and Booters
KRaBs is an x86/x64 chain loader written in pure Rust, supports linux boot protocol. KRaBs supports GPT, FAT32 on ESP and boot config file on that fs. Latest linux 5.8 booted fine by KRaBs. initrd and cmdline also works fine. related article: Writing an x86 bootloader in Rust that can launch vmlinux

PATCH for Linux: x86/xen/time - Enhancing time keeping.
This patch improves time keeping on Linux in Xen environments. If the TSC frequency is known from the pvclock page, the TSC frequency does not need to be recalibrated.

ODS: Open Data Structures in Rust
Complete Rust implementation of Open Data Structures. Only safe Rust. related article: Implementing OpenDataStructures in Rust

Rust DOS: Creating a DOS executable with Rust
This is a quick demo of creating COM executable for DOS with Rust. It provides a minimal keyboard driver for DOS.

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dom3: Memorandum

Diary stuff, here's what I think that's not technology related.